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Murphysboro is a Southern Illinois community located 90 miles south-east of St. Louis, Missouri, and 6 miles west of Carbondale, Illinois. Approximately 600 students attend Murphysboro High School. Murphysboro High School CE BANDS strives for excellence in all their instrumental ensembles offered, which includes Marching, Concert, Jazz, and Pep Bands, Solo & Ensemble opportunities, and many other musical experiences for students.

The Murphysboro High School CE Band program is an extensive instrumental music program that includes the nationally known Crimson Express Marching Band, our Concert Band, Jazz Band, and Pep Band. Students are required to participate in three of the four performing ensembles as part of the Band class. Jazz Band is available for students to participate in as a separate class. CE Band students at Murphysboro High School must participate in regularly scheduled rehearsals outside of the school day, and performances on the weekends. All bands perform music of the highest quality stressing fundamentals of tone production, musicianship, theory, and interpretation of various styles. A strong emphasis is placed upon performance, and a wide variety of off-campus performances are available to students. For more information on each of the instrumental ensembles offered at Murphysboro High School, please view each ensemble page.

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Crimson Express Marching Band

Murphysboro High School is the home for the Crimson Express Marching Band, part of the regular band program at Murphysboro High School.  Crimson Express is a unique...

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Concert Band

The CE BANDS Concert Band program has a long tradition of excellence. At the conclusion of the marching band season in the Fall, Concert Band begins for all...

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Jazz Band

Jazz Band is a curricular-based ensemble class offered to students at Murphysboro High School. Students who take Jazz Band class explore the only musical art form that is native to our country...

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Pep Band

Pep Band performs for all boys home basketball games during the months of November through February. This band has a reputation of bringing down the house...

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Winter Programs

Two of our newest ensembles offered in CE BANDS to students during the Winter months. Students participate in performances at home basketball games, as well as various...

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